The following journal entry is in remembrance of our friend and co-worker, Clare Maney, who disappeared while adventuring near Kona, HI on July 15, 2020.

1991 - 2020

Clare Maney

About 6 months before Clare came to work with us at Method she walked through the door vibrantly bubbling with life and energy to introduce herself and let me know she would be traveling for the next many months, but on her return to Lincoln, she had decided she was going to join the Method team, help build our community, brew coffee, and lead adventures.

Her energy, relentless smiles, and the pure unabashed confidence in telling me that I was going to hire her in 6 months caught me so entirely off-guard that I thought about her nearly weekly for the next many months...was this person serious!? Sure enough - Clare had a vision of her life and a plan for us to be a part of her story...not only to learn but to share herself with our team and our community.

We all loved the light and energy that pushed Clare to challenge norms and live so adventurously - she so closely reflected our Method ethos. I relished working creatively alongside her, and Clare’s positivity helped buoy our entire team. She connected, taught, designed, guided, and inspired.

Before she left for her most recent travels, Clare made me a book as thanks for her time at Method, collecting thoughts of support, kindness, and community from our fellow employees, friends, and customers. It was an entirely over the top gesture that was planned, organized, and intended purely for my benefit, and it's a symbol of her talent for helping and inspiring others. The world needs more people like her, and I am so sad to see her journey ended so early.

Being the father of two little girls, I took the Father's Day weekend to reflect on my relationship with Clare and what I learned from her - I hope that I can help my daughters believe they can chase their dreams and live as freely as Clare did. She burned so brightly.


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