Niner Bikes Ups The Ante With A Lifetime Warranty

We’ve been big fans of Niner since Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy made their first scandium single-speed 29er in 2005. We didn’t end up working together until 2009, but since that time we’ve been ripping each new model and stoked at how a small grassroots company of cyclists and adventurers have continued pushing the envelope of what makes a great mountain or drop bar bike.

We believe in Niner’s commitment to the community, and the quality of the bikes and components they make. We know they ride, we race, and engineer their products to give riders the best experience possible, and we’re pleased that they are now backing up that commitment with a Lifetime Warranty on all their frames sold after September 1, 2019.

Just one more reason to become a #ninerd. Take a look at Niner’s latest bikes¬†here, or pop over to the Niner website to see the full warranty¬†here.

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